Imagine it and that is what we will build. OK, within the physical limitations of strings in motion and other such considerations. ;-)
I have hundreds of Sitka, and Lutz tops to chose from for acoustic guitars in stock. Bear claw to straight and white. I select my tops strictly for tone and try to ignore color and other "flaws" for the most part. Demanding white consistent color is something that will remove absolutely stellar materials from consideration. It also means you may pay more for potentially less desirable wood, but if the look is what you are after I can accommodate. I even have a few sets that will allow for single piece tops!
Current stock on acoustic body woods consists of Walnut, Figured Walnut, Cocobolo, Goncalo Alves, Wenge, Lacewood, Curly Maple, Sycamore (looks like white Lacewood), Curly Maple, Quilted Maple, Bay Laurel, Purple heart, one set of Ebony (small body) and one set of Brazilian Rosewood (negotiable). Subject to change at any time but that also means I may have even more options by the time you read this. I am willing to use customer supplied materials upon inspection but can not guarantee their performance.
Current stock of top woods for electrics consists of figured Cherry, Wenge, Curly Maple, Spalted Maple, Cocobolo, Figured Makore, Eucalyptus (gum wood), Curly Redwood, Lacewood, Purple heart with bees wing figure and much more.
I typically use single piece necks in Mahogany, Maple, Spruce or Yellow Cedar depending on the instrument, but other materials like Cherry, Walnut and Wenge are available. Please inquire.
Fret boards in stock include Cocobolo, Rosewood and Ebony. Pure black ebony is becoming rather rare and expensive. Most of my current stock will have some color to it.
Unless otherwise specified I will use Gotoh tuners for guitars and Hipshot light weight tuners on Bass'. I do not stock any classical tuners or specialty tuners at this time.
Electronics and electric guitar bridges and tremolo's will be specified for each build.
I use water borne lacquers for acoustic and electric guitar finishes. I will also use oil finishes like tung oil if requested on electric instruments. Water borne finishes are admittedly not as lustrous as traditional Nitrocellulose nor as deep as polyurethane but are getting better and are much more environmentally friendly. If a custom finish or a type of finish beyond my ability to provide is desired it will be priced out to a specialty finisher before the work begins.