Welcome to Nelson Stringed Instruments

Luthier Greg NelsonI am but a humble builder of stringed instruments. It is a passion, a joy, an inspiration for me. I come to this after a lifetime of working wood and having it work me. This web page is my small attempt at sharing my craft with those who might be interested and musicians who might be inspired to build something with me. It is likely that when you view it I may not have done any updating for months or even years. This is because I prefer to spend my time with wood chips gathering around my feet than editing words on a screen. If what you see is of interest please don't hesitate to use the contact link and send me a note. I will be sure to respond.

I approach building instruments with a primary focus on what my client desires. A difficult task at times since words can fail us when it comes to the desires/demands we place on our instruments. Often times even the most accomplished musicians can not express what it is they are looking for. I find the collaboration between the luthier and musicians talents crucial to the success of an instrument. A simple 1/16th of an inch difference in the width of the nut or spacing of the strings can mean the difference between a "go to" ax and one that winds up hanging on the wall (the ultimate shame for any instrument). That is only one of thousands of variables that can drive you towards or away from an instrument and you won't even know why.

Like I said above I am passionate about this craft/art/trade, however you wish to define it. I could go on and on about string dynamics, the effect of different woods and finishes on tone, tradition vs. innovation etc, but that is almost irrelevant to you as the player. My part in this is to combine the wood, glue and steel that creates the tools that you can then use to inspire others through music.

Greg Nelson


The video below will take you to my youtube account if you are interested in seeing how my instruments are built.  These are designed for beginners to intermediate luthiers but anyone who is interested in building instruments might find them useful.